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Caoimhe, 22, Irish.Vegetarian. Personal blog containing fashion, make-up, movies,humor, comics and geek culture. multifandom. I make gifs of things I like.
Lots of NSFW posts- You've been warned.

>  Hobbits on an adventure

Anonymous said: Have you given up social media?

Pretty much. Im not a fan of people knowing my business anymore.

Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering if you still use rapidbrow? And do you have to keep using it to maintain the good results?

Yep still use it. Yeah youll definitely notice a difference in the fullness if you stop using it.

Anonymous said: Hello my name is Caoimhe too, but I live in England so no one has ever heard of the name and I get a lot of weird pronunciations. I'm sorry, there wasn't really a point to this message, but have a nice day!

Hahaha i know dem feels. Thanks you too :)

Anonymous said: Do you have a twitter? I used to love reading your tweets

Yeah i have twitter but i havent tweeted in months. Kind of lost interest in it tbh.



This will be remembered for years. Iconic.

She was bold tho